We Can’t do it Without You

What is a clinical trial?
Simply put, a clinical trial is the testing done on a new drug, medical device or procedure.
At CRA we conduct clinical drug trials for the pharmaceutical industry. Many of our trials are for vaccines.

Remember your flu shot?  It was tested for safety and effectiveness before it was made available to the public. We also conduct trials for conditions like hypertension, asthma, allergies, obesity, heartburn and many more.


Why do a clinical trial?
First, it helps get a new drug to market.  Without clinical trials the medical industry could not add to their arsenal of drugs to cure disease.

Second, it makes new drugs available to you before they are on the market.  As a volunteer you are able to receive free medical treatment for the condition indicated in the trial.  You receive all study drugs free of charge and many studies pay participants for their time and travel.

Last, you should know that while we conduct trials and collect data for the pharmaceutical industry, our foremost concern is the health and safety of you, our research participants. Our primary concern is to do what is best for our research volunteers.  We count on you to provide us with the feedback needed to pass along to the pharmaceutical companies that insures the new medications are safe, effective and side effects are well known.

Without a good working relationship with you, we cannot do a good job for the pharmaceutical companies, and we all rely on the drugs we take to be thoroughly tested.  Research participants are an essential part of the clinical trial process and we value your participation.

More information about the protection of clinical trial participants can be found at the links listed below.  We invite you to click on the buttons for more information.

Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participants

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